You Want Me to Surrender?


When a demand to surrender is made it usually means there is a struggle of some sort in progress. I am not a soldier or a member of military forces, but I was certainly in a war! My mind, or will, was the place where my battles took place except, I would make the ultimate decision to win or lose. Often, a person’s first inclination may be to fight during a struggle. However, this particular encounter required a different kind of reply; total, unconditional abandonment of one’s will to the Father.

Before I could respond with an action, I was introduced to The 40-Day Surrender Fast – The Guide for Releasing Your Plan, Renewing Your Mind, and Restoring Your Life by Dr. Celeste Owens.

I Surrender, Completely

The concept of a “Surrender Fast” immediately captivated me. It is not solely about abstaining from food or drink for a specific period: it is about abstaining from what gives us the most trouble, being us.

Before I began there was a section called “Pre-fast Preparation.” You know, when you are getting ready to go somewhere? Well, the pre-fast is the get ready before you get ready to go! This time is dedicated as a time of exploration, to be still and listen to God. Sometimes we get so busy with the noise of day to day activity that it becomes difficult to find the quiet place.

When Elijah was on the run from Jezebel, he had an encounter with God.  However, God did not speak to him in the way he expected. As he waited for God’s presence to manifest there was a mighty wind that came, an earthquake, and a fire. God did not speak to the prophet in the midst of any of those occurances. After those events came a peaceful voice that was low in volume. Often, that is how God chooses to speak to us too, in a quiet place without distraction (1 Kings 19:11-13).

I found that like the prophet, I claimed I was listening but I had not heard a thing. I needed to surrender again. It was time to hear what God was saying to me about me. Finally, I was listening for the small still voice.

What I Learned about Surrender

I started the fast thinking I needed to give up procrastination-that was merely my symptom. Fear of rejection and lack of faith was the cause of my symptom.

I learned the symptom was the byproduct of my experiences. By surrendering my fear of rejection, I was able to have an honest dialogue about me.  

Each time I revisit the 40-Day Surrender Fast text, it leads me to navigate another journey: for self-exploration and revelation of God’s plans for my life. The words memorialized to paper serve to infuse my spirit with determination to not only do well but to become my best. I have sung the hymn, “I Surrender All’ many times; this time it will have a whole new meaning.   

(c. ref.): Romans 7:11-20, 1 Kings 19:11-13, and Psalm 91:1-2

Lynne ParkerComment