IC4U-Intensive Care for You, Inc.

Self-Care Solutions for Each Dimension of You. ™

IC4U is an excellent service for pastors, their families, ministers, and those who serve pastors…IC4U is a great refuge for them to…learn how [and discover new ways] to take better care of them.

C.W. Buffalo, NY

the IC4U PAK’ed.™ Experience 2019

Power, Authority, Knowledge, and Education ™

The PAK’ed.™ Experience is truly an event for the called and the chosen! There was no fluff: the hosts, worshippers and speakers came to be about their Father’s business which was: educating, correcting and building up His current and next generation leaders.

It was refreshing to be taught by ministers whose prayers and teachings actually mobilize forces in the spirit which causes Godly manifestation in the lives of His laborers. I bless God for the clarity and confirmations I received from this Holy Spirit filled conference! Jesus Christ did a good work in us that day for sure. 

S.B., Buffalo, NY

IC4U pak’ed.™ Experience (EST. 2017)

Power, Authority, Knowledge, and Education ™

The teaching that comes forth from PAK'ed.™ has truly enriched and impacted our lives. My husband and I are in ministry and the teaching from “Artificial Intelligence, Authentic Integrity” caused us to examine our lives to ensure that we're in ministry for the right reasons.

This was definitely a “character checker which taught and showed us so much about ourselves. This is what we need as leaders; to be accountable to God, the Lord's people, and most importantly ourselves.

We HIGHLY recommend PAK'ed.™ and all of the IC4U components for spiritual strength, health, wellness of the whole body, and (through PAK'ed. teaching) spiritual clarity of purpose,  making certain that we are in line with God's plan for our lives.

JWL & ML, Buffalo, NY

The Experience is a realistic, divine honor that escorts you to an unprecedented spiritual encounter, leaving you with knowledge downloaded directly from heaven. Don’t miss the next one!

T. B., Orlando, FL

IC4U pak’ed.™ Last Watch Prayer 2018

In the Last Watch (fourth watch) of the night, God gave them victory over every adversarial challenge. —Exodus 14:24

The Last Watch Prayer was an awesome experience filled with powerful prayers and prophecies; the anointing filled the place. God met my need…

J.C., Buffalo, NY

I felt empowered when I left. Another amazing experience in God.

L.H., Buffalo, NY

I will never be the same.

R. V., Buffalo, NY